Great instruction comes from

Great Teamwork

Make your school's lesson planning culture more collaborative, rigorous, and supportive

Great instruction comes from great teamwork

Divide and conquer weekly planning

Write your lessons in a shared team planbook. Assign the planning for each class to a different teammate and save hours each week!

Differentiate for special-ed students

Click on any general educator’s planbook and add differentiation and modifications to their lessons. Leave them helpful comments right on their plans!

Make co-planning a weekly routine

Visit your teammate’s planbooks and reference the skills they teach in your own lessons, giving your students a unified experience across classrooms.

Raise the bar for lesson and unit planning

Standardize your school’s templates

Create school-wide lesson and unit plan templates that your teachers can add to their planbooks with one click.

Make curriculum-mapping a habit

Have your teachers plan out a timeline of their units and standards before the school year starts. They can reference those curriculum maps while lesson planning to keep themselves on pace.

Track standards across your school.

Check the standards tracker and see which standards your teachers are covering… or print off a coverage report for every classroom to file with your state or district. 

Help your teachers grow as instructional planners

Leave feedback without lesson plan binders.

Visit any teacher’s planbook and leave meaningful feedback on their lessons. They’ll be notified and the comments will pop up on their plans in real-time!

Build on your lesson plans, year after year.

Give your teachers the gift of reusable lesson plans, so they can build on what they did last year, or even borrow entire units from other teachers that have taught their content before.

Keep students and parents in the loop.

Help your staff provide families a clear picture of what they’re teaching. Class websites let them share only what they want with their students’ parents... like presentations, worksheets, and homework.

Free staff training and ongoing support.

You read that right. Every school account comes with free training for the whole school year. Have a team of teachers that’s having a hard time moving to Cc? We’ll do a webinar with them! Want to roll out Cc to your whole school but you’re not sure how to start? We’ll develop a customized training schedule to make sure your teachers get all the know-how they need to fall in love with Cc. All free of charge. It’s the kind of service we believe in and you deserve. Call us at (833) 394-PLAN to find out more.