Review all your teachers’ plans in seconds.
A faster way for admins to access teacher materials, increase accountability, and provide instant feedback.
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Ensure Teacher Accountability Without Ever Asking for Plans
No more teacher materials binders, no more labrynthine filing systems: just a single platform that houses every unit, every material, every plan. See it all in seconds.
See what teachers have planned for today
Quickly check for plan completion, standards alignment, and rigor
Easily identify struggling teachers who need immediate support
Trusted by results-driven administrators in high-performing schools across the nation
Offer Coaching Feedback Without Digging for Teachers’ Plans
Enough with multiple platforms for planning and instructional observations. With Cc, provide direct coaching inside teachers’ planbooks, so they can see feedback in the same place they plan.
Save time on walkthrough observations  with instant access to every teacher’s plans
Foster two-way communication between teachers and administrators to create trusting and transparent relationships
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Create Custom, Standards-Aligned Lesson Templates
Create a culture of instructional excellence: ensure every lesson is rigorous, formalized, and connected to standards
Share custom school templates  to ensure instructors develop rigorous & formalized plans
Build standards-aligned lessons & track standards taught over time
Share Your School’s Strongest Lessons from Year to Year
No need to ask your veteran teachers to print or email their materials to new or struggling instructors. Cc helps you leverage the expertise of strong teachers with instant access to the most rigorous and high-quality lessons in your network. So developing teachers can start strong on day one.
Support new teachers by sharing exemplary lessons, units, & planbooks
Facilitate a smooth transition  between outgoing & incoming instructors
Features your Teachers will Love
Add and track standards in a flash
Simplify collaboration and co-teaching with shared planbooks
Automatically organize lessons and units to reuse them for next year
Backwards plan with the unit timeline to ensure every lesson is purposeful
See coaching feedback right inside their planbook
Use class websites to keep students and families in the loop
Common Curriculum is my go-to for lesson planning. I love the personalization of the templates and being able to add things that work for me and remove what doesn't...I don't know how I survived before Common Curriculum!
McKenzie P.
3rd Grade, Indiana
Stay IEP and 504 Compliant
Take the anxiety out of the IEP process by uniting SPED and Gen Ed Instructors. And with a running log of daily accommodations and modifications, you can quickly check for compliance over time.
Strengthen Gen Ed/SPED co-planning routines with shared planbooks
Include specific student accommodations within each lesson
Review accommodations provided over time
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