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Real time, collaborative lesson planning for teachers & schools.

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Teachers & schools around the world love Common Curriculum and can’t stop singing its praises.


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How will this help me?

You’ll stay more organized, prepared, and planned so that you can raise your students’ achievement.


Collaborate in Real Time

No more emailing files back and forth or juggling dozens of Google Doc files. Simple, easy, fast collaboration.

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Plan Faster with Templates

Create templates for each class and each day of the week. In a group? Soon, you'll be able to share templates each other.

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Quickly Align to Standards

Instantly search Common Core standards and standards from all 50 states.

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Change plans on the fly

You'll be amazed at how fast you can adjust to student needs by moving lessons around.

Print & Share Plans with 1 Click

Print all your lessons for the week quickly & easily.

How much does this cost?

It’s free for teachers! Schools that want to collaborate can pay $90 per teacher per year for a group. Groups let teachers view, comment, and edit each other's planbooks in real time.

Who made this?

Scott Messinger & Robbie Earle founded Common Curriculum. We work with a team of teachers from Baltimore, Maryland. Before founding Cc, Scott taught 1st grade and Robbie taught middle school social studies in Baltimore City Public Schools.