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What is a Planbook?

A planbook is a container for all the classes/subjects you're teaching for one term. For some teachers a term might be a semester, for other teachers, a term might be an entire year!

Middle and High School Teachers:

If you're a middle or high school teacher on a semester system, you might make two planbooks this year: one that you call something like "Math -- Fall 2017" that has all of your fall classes in it, and one called "Math -- Spring 2018" that has all your spring classes in it. If you are a middle or high school teacher who keeps the same classes all year, you will just want to make one planbook, called something like, “Math 2017-2018” that will have all your classes for the entire year.

Elementary School Teachers:

An elementary teacher on the other hand will probably have just one planbook this year, maybe called something like "3rd Grade 2017-2018". That planbook would have all of his or her classes/subjects for the entire year in it.

Note: One planbook per term is a good general rule, but some people might end up making two or more per term (for example, someone that teaches after-school classes might want to keep their main planbook and their after-school planbooks separate). If you have any questions on how you should set up your planbooks, reach out to

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