Set up Teams and Sub-Teams

First, check out this article if you don’t already know how to set up a group in Cc. Once you have created this group, it is time to determine who to invite. You might realize that you don’t want everyone in the team to be able to edit your lesson plans. Here a few examples of how schools set up groups in Cc:

Whole School and Content Teams

The most common ways that schools set up groups is to first create one, big group with every teacher in the school. At this level, teachers will usually choose to share their planbook at the view or comment level. However, teachers also want to share their lesson plans with their content group teachers. So the school also creates smaller groups for each content area. The teachers then share their planbooks at the edit level, so content groups can write plans together.

For these systems, the principal often sets of the groups and then each teacher shares their planbook multiple times-- once with the big group and then also with each of the smaller groups.

Whole School, Content Teams, and Grade Level Teams

In many high schools, teachers want to set up the system above, but they also want to plan cross-curricular units with their grade-level teams. In addition to the steps above, teachers and principals create additional grade-level groups where teachers can view and comment on the lessons that other teachers in their grade level are teaching.

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