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Set Cards to Automatically Publish to a Class Website

Class websites are only available in Cc Pro.

Once you've upgraded to Cc Pro, created a class website, and shared your link, you can use templates to automatically publish certain cards to your class websites. First, go to the ‘Settings & Schedule’ tab, and select ‘Edit Templates’. Then, scroll to the template you want to edit and click on that template. Then, select the cards you want to automatically show on your class website (i.e. Objective, Homework, etc.); you can select all the cards to automatically show or just one!

Note: Changing your template only affects blank lessons, and class websites are no exception. If you click "show on website" for a card in your template, do not expect that change to affect lessons that you've already edited. You'll need to manually update which cards are on your websites for those lessons.

Note: Class websites are only available in Cc Pro. Click here to learn more about Cc Pro or click here to learn how to sign up for a 30-day, FREE, trial.

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