Refund Policy

Excerpted from our cancellation policy; updated June 26, 2016:

To request a refund, click “Help & Guidance” at the top right of Cc when you log in. Then click “Ask us a question” and use that form to send us a refund request o In your refund request, please tell us:

  • Your first name, last name, and email address
  • The date and amount for the charge that you think should be refunded
  • Why you think the charge should be refunded.

Requesting a refund does not guarantee that we will process the refund. However, we normally are willing to process refunds if:

  • You canceled your subscription up to 24 hours after your last charge was processed. Updated 6/26/2016
  • You had asked us to cancel your subscription for you within 24 hours of your last charge and we were unable to process that request in time.

It is impossible to upgrade to Cc Pro without entering your credit card number and confirming that you will be charged after your 30-day free trial is over, so we will not process a refund if:

  • You claim you did not enter your credit card number when upgrading to Cc Pro.
  • You claim that you did not realize Cc Pro was a paid subscription service.”

For questions about these or any Common Curriculum terms or policies, email us at

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