Publish Cards and Lesson Plans to a Class Website

Class websites are only available in Cc Pro.

Once you've upgraded to Cc Pro, created a class website, and shared your link, you can publish any part of any lesson plan with one click.

To publish a part of your lesson, go to your planbook, hover over the card you want to publish, and buttons will show up on the bottom of the card. Click "Show on website" to publish a card to your class website.

For example, you might post your Objective, Introduction to New Material, and Homework for a lesson to your class website. Once you've published a card to your class website, it will update in real-time... which means you can even use your website as a digital whiteboard if you'd like!

Note: Class websites are only available in Cc Pro. Click here to learn how to sign up for a 30-day, FREE, trial.

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