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Cc for Schools is a paid version of Cc that allows teachers to access all the features in Cc Pro, but also includes all collaboration features as well. It allows teachers to plan powerful lessons and then share them in groups. Here are just a few of the collaboration features available in Cc for Schools:

Copy Lessons

Copy Lessons & Share Planbooks Helping your teachers find the time to share their best work with each other is a huge challenge. With Cc, any of your teachers can view or borrow each other’s lessons with just a few clicks. Cc makes it easier to have more meaningful planning conversations at school, and encourages your teachers to learn from each other even when they’re planning on their own time.

Leave Feedback and Comment on Lessons

Review lesson plans faster than ever. Trying to leave feedback on your teachers’ lesson plans on a regular basis can be an almost insurmountable task, especially if they submit lesson plans through a messy system like email. When you switch to Cc, leaving quick, meaningful feedback is as easy as clicking on a planbook and typing a comment. Supporting your teachers in their lesson planning has never been this easy.

Create PLCs that Work

Want your English and History departments to teach the same type of essay writing? Need your Math teachers to vertically align their curriculum? Want your SpEd teachers to modify your general educators' lesson plans? With Cc your teachers will be able to stay on the same page without ever emailing a single file!

Real-Time Co Planning

Real time co-editing changes the game Your teachers want to plan together, but there’s never enough time. Give your teachers the gift of Cc and let them co-plan together in real-time… whenever works best for them.

Free and Unlimited Training

You read that right. Every school account comes with free training for the whole school year. Have a team of teachers that’s having a hard time moving to Cc? We’ll do a webinar with them! Want to roll out Cc to your whole school but you’re not sure how to start? We’ll develop a customized training schedule to make sure your teachers get all the know-how they need to fall in love with Cc. All free of charge. It’s the kind of service we believe in and you deserve.

See all features included in Cc for Schools and the most up-to-date price on our Pricing Page or contact Robbie at (410) 921-6760 or robbie@commoncurriculum.com to find out more.

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