I Don't Want Everyone in My Group to be Able to Edit Plans, What Should I Do?

The answer is to create another, smaller group and only invite a few people to it. Then share your planbook with both groups, but only give editing access to one of the groups.

For example, lets say my school has a group called "KASA College Prep" with 20 people in it, but I only want to co-edit with 3 people at my school. Here's what I would do:

  1. Make another group and call it something like "7th Grade Co-Planning Team"
  2. Invite only a few trusted colleagues to that group.
  3. Share my planbook with "7th Grade Co-Planning team", and make sure to choose "Edit"
  4. Share my planbook with "KASA College Prep", but only choose Comment or View.

I could also check to see which groups my planbook is shared with and change the permission levels for any of those groups at any time.

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