Download a Day, Week, or Month

The ability to download a day, week, or month is only available in Cc Pro.

To download an entire day, go to the day menu and then select "Download Day." To download an entire week, go to the week menu and then select "Download Week." To download an entire month, go to the month menu and then select "Download Month."

Check out this video on how you can use advanced download options in Cc:

The examples in this video are only some of the ways you can customize your lesson printouts. Here's a comprehensive list of every print option that you can change:

  • Header -- Shows up at the top of your printout next to the date or date range
  • Font Size -- You can change it from 6 point all the way to 20 point font
  • Standards -- Hide them, show them, or only show their codes on your printout.
  • Comments -- Hide them or show them
  • Orientation -- Portrait (tall and skinny) vs. Landscape (wide and short)
  • Page Breaks -- After each class or normal page breaks
  • Layout (only on week view) -- Daily layout vs. weekly layout
  • Line up classes (only on week view) -- Try using this in tandem with the "After each class" setting under "Page breaks"
  • Only show certain classes -- limits your printout to whichever classes you choose
  • Only show certain cards -- limits your printout to just the cards (like "objective" or "homework") you type in this field

Check out this blog post if you are interested in learning more.

Note: The ability to print a day, week, or month is only available in Cc Pro. Click here to learn how to sign up for a 30-day, FREE, trial.

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