Change My Cc Pro Subscription

Do you need to make a change to your Cc Pro Subscription? Have you signed up for the monthly version of Cc Pro but want to change to the annual version? There are two ways you can do this in Cc:

Option 1:

Simply click the home icon to go to your home page. Then click the text on the right side of the page that says, “Oh, and click here if you’d like to cancel.” This will momentarily cancel your account and suspend Pro features. If you refresh the page, you will again see the buttons to subscribe to Cc Pro. Choose the options you want and you will be resubscribed under the new plan!

Option 2:

If you have issues with any of these steps, please feel free to email us at Include your email, your current Cc Pro plan and how you would like to change your Cc Pro plan and we will take care of this for you!

Note: If you are looking to cancel your Cc Pro plan, check out How to Cancel.

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