Cc for Schools - Faculty Training Videos

Welcome to Common Curriculum's school training videos! This playlist is meant to help you get from signing in to Cc for the first time, all the way through writing full lesson plans, and should take you about 1 hour to finish.

As you watch these, make sure you follow these steps:

  • Watch a video
  • Rewatch any parts that you didn't fully understand
  • Take a few minutes to complete the directions that we gave you at the end of the video
  • Move on to the next one when you're ready!

1) Introduction & Creating your first Planbook

2) Adding classes

3) Adjusting your schedule

4) Customizing templates

5) Writing your first lesson

6) Cards, files, and colors

7) Adding standards to your lessons

8) Moving and copying cards

9) Moving and copying lessons

Next Steps

That's it! You're done with our Cc for Schools training! If you'd like to schedule a follow up Q&A webinar for your staff, just click here.

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