Cancellation Policy

Updated 6/26/2016

All subscribers of the Common Curriculum Pro Service are expected to comply with this Cancellation Policy. If you have agreed to Common Curriculum’s Terms of Service or Subscription Agreement behalf of your organization, then this Cancellation Policy will apply to you and/or all users of the Service under your account (the “End Users”).

Cancellation Policy

  • Trials and Charges

    • The first 30 days of your Cc Pro subscription are a free trial. You will not be charged during that time.
    • You can cancel your Cc Pro subscription at any time during your trial or after your trial has ended. If you do not cancel your Cc Pro subscription before your trial has ended, then your card will automatically be charged 30 days after signing up for Cc Pro.
    • Once your 30 day trial is over, Cc will continue charging your card on the billing schedule you chose until you cancel your Cc Pro subscription.
  • Billing schedules – Annual vs. Monthly

    • When you first sign up for a Cc Pro subscription, you may choose “billed once a month” or “billed once a year”
    • If you choose “billed once a month” then you will be charged the monthly rate (minus any discounts) every 30 days, starting on the day that your free trial ends and only ending once you cancel.
    • If you choose “billed once a year”, then you will be charged once a year. That charge will be the monthly rate for Cc Pro (minus any discounts) multiplied by 12. You will be charged on the day your free trial ends, and then once every 12 months after that until you cancel.
  • How to cancel

    • You can cancel your Cc Pro subscription at any time by logging in to your Cc account, clicking "Account", and then clicking "Cancel my Pro Subscription".
    • If you email us and ask us to cancel your Cc Pro account for you, we CANNOT guarantee that your account will be canceled by any particular deadline. We will get to your request as fast as we can, but if you are worried about cancelling before your next charge, then you must log in to your Cc account on your own and manually click the cancellation button.
    • We are not responsible for any charges that are incurred if you decide to ask us to cancel your subscription for you, and we do not get to your request before your next scheduled charge.
  • Refunds

    • To request a refund, click “Help & Guidance” at the top right of Cc when you log in. Then click “Ask us a question” and use that form to send us a refund request
    • In your refund request, please tell us:
      • Your first name, last name, and email address
      • The date and amount for the charge that you think should be refunded
      • Why you think the charge should be refunded.
    • Requesting a refund does not guarantee that we will process the refund. However, we normally are willing to process refunds if:
      • You canceled your subscription up to 24 hours after your last charge was processed.
      • You had asked us to cancel your subscription for you within 24 hours of your last charge and we were unable to process that request in time.
      • You are a Cc Pro Annual customer. In this case, we will refund you a prorated amount, based on the number of months that you will not have Cc Pro active on your account. Link to full refund policy
    • It is impossible to upgrade to Cc Pro without entering your credit card number and confirming that you will be charged after your 30-day free trial is over, so we will not process a refund if:
      • You claim you did not enter your credit card number when upgrading to Cc Pro.
      • You claim that you did not realize Cc Pro was a paid subscription service.
  • Privacy

    • When you upgrade an account to Cc Pro, the app asks you to enter your credit card information.
    • If you ask us to look into your subscription, we may require you to confirm the last 4 digits of your card, its expiration date, your full name, or your email address.
    • We do not have access to your full 16-digit card number and no legitimate Cc representative will ever ask you to confirm your entire 16-digit credit card number. Please exercise proper internet security and never give your card information to anyone, especially if they claim to represent a company whose services you purchase, like Common Curriculum.

For questions about these or any Common Curriculum terms or policies, email us at

Link to full Cancellation Policy

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