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Can I do Group Invoicing with Cc Pro?

No. We aren’t able to do group invoices for Cc Pro because individual Cc Pro accounts are not linked in any way.

If you want linked accounts (and to also allow your teachers to collaborate), you should check out Cc for Schools!

Most schools that don’t want to upgrade all the way to Cc for Schools, and want to stick with upgrading teachers to Cc Pro, find it very easy to pay for Cc by following these steps:

  1. Have teachers create accounts with their school email address.
  2. Call teachers in to the administrator’s office one by one.
  3. Have the teacher log in to Cc.
  4. Upgrade them with school credit or debit card. (Check out this article if you need help upgrading).
  5. Have the teacher log out of Cc.
  6. Repeat with all interested teachers.

If you need receipts for these transactions, please feel free to email us at In the email, please include all email addresses of the teachers upgraded.

Note: Signing up a group of teachers to Cc Pro will not give them access to collaboration features. If you want teachers to collaborate at your school, please check out Cc for Schools or email Robbie at

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