Attach Files to a Card (Computer, One Drive, Google Drive, & Dropbox)

Attach File from Computer, Google Drive, and Dropbox

Hover over the card to which you want to attach a file. Select the paperclip attachment icon, and then choose to where you want the file to come from (your computer, Google Drive, or Dropbox). Navigate to the file and it will be added to your lesson plan:

Attach File from One Drive

To attach a file from OneDrive, act as if you were going to upload a file from your computer. When the file picker comes up, select “OneDrive” from the tab options on the left-hand side of the pop up. You will have to link your OneDrive account the first time you attach a file. If you are using an account from your school, this will often be a 'Business' account. In that case, make sure to select the 'One Drive for Business' option. After that, simply attach files as you would from any other source!

Note: If you accidentally added the wrong file, delete the attachment by clicking the trashcan icon next to the document name.

Note: You can now add attachments to standards cards as well. Attach any documents you need to any card!

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